Is AT&T selling 'fake 5G'?

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Is AT&T selling 'fake 5G'?

The American telecoms provider, AT&T, has revealed its plan to launch 5G services to consumers, but rivals have claimed that AT&T’s 5G offering is not genuine.

AT&T revealed plans to deliver what the company is calling 5G Evolution to 20 metropolitan US locations by the end of this year, as it commences building the infrastructure to support 5G. As part of 5G Evolution, customers are supposed to benefit from faster wireless services.

The Texan city of Austin was the first place where Evolution 5G was rolled out, for customers who used particular models of Samsung phones last month. Other cities where the telecoms service will be delivered in the near future include Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago.

A senior marketing executive from AT&T said that 5G Evolution would give some of their customers a glimpse of what entertainment services would be like in the future if they were using up to the minute devices now. The executive said that 5G Evolution gave customers the benefits of the network that was in development.

AT&T is doing this by using technology that already exists to boost, the speed on the network it already has. AT&T will employ technology such as LTE, including QAM 256, Multiple Input and MIMO (or 4x4 Multiple Output) to achieve this. With the aid of this technology, speeds on AT&T’s established network may even be doubled.

The 5G network is the proposed fifth generation and next level of standards for wireless systems. The exact parameters of 5G networks are not likely to be firmed up until 2020. 5G networks are expected to draw on technology such as QAM and MIMO.

Despite this, AT&T came under fire for saying that the rollout of faster wireless services was part of a 5G update. Other operators of mobile and wireless services noted that they were using QAM and MIMO technology to enhance their 4G network offerings, but were not referring to any of these services as 5G.

John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, which is one of AT&T’s competitors, turned to the social media platform Twitter, to rebuke AT&T. Mr Legere indicated that he was amused because he considered 5G Evolution to be a 5G fake.

Another senior T-Mobile executive said that the provider had been using the technology that AT&T was drawing on for the past two years. Marcelo Claure, the CEO of Sprint, another provider of mobile and office based telephony solutions, said that the AT&T announcement was even better than fake news.

Globally, network providers, governments and business telecom providers are working together to establish the foundations of 5G services. American companies that provide mobile and office based telephony solutions are jockeying to position themselves as leaders in the field. AT&T has commenced testing of 5G technology, as has the wireless operator Verizon.

This next generation technology is expected to have a significant impact, with much faster speeds for the transfer of data, along with an immense capacity to accommodate the devices, possibly numbering in the billions, that will connect to networks to enable the Internet of Things. With 5G, it is estimated that a complete HD film could be downloaded in less than 10 seconds.