A clear line in communication

Established in 2004, PRS Telecom have 11 years experience in providing businesses with reliable, efficient telecommunications services and equipment. Specialising in both mobile and office based telephony solutions, our reputation in the marketplace is based upon years of industry experience, and a commitment to providing the best advice, product range and aftercare to all customers.

PRS Telecom are somewhat unique in the marketplace; we have a growing national presence, whilst remaining independently owned. This allows us to provide a flexible response to your individual telecommunication requirements, having the ability to deliver on projects of any scale, whilst not being so big that your contract does not receive the level of dedication it deserves.

We currently have offices in Mold, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London, and support clients that range from start-ups and SMEs, to large national companies.

PRS Telecom can deliver your business with what it needs today, whilst building a plan for tomorrow.

Business Mobiles

Mobile Telephony is a rapidly changing market place. How you communicate with clients, customers, or even internally within your organisation, can range from making a simple call, to sending an email or text, using apps, raising a video link, or delivering voicemail.

We appreciate the evolving nature of business communication, and that is why a consultation with PRS Telecom can assist you in finding the right handsets and mobile packages for your business.

We analyse the styles and trends of communication within your business, understanding how employees use their mobiles, whilst finding ways to integrate new technology that can help reduce the manual processes involved, and ultimately lead to improving productivity.

We research call-plans, networks and handsets in order to create a solution completely bespoke to your individual telecom needs with a view to ensuring fluid and efficient functionality for you and your business…a professional solution that offers the best possible combination of value and performance.

Business Systems

PRS Telecom are able to supply, install, service, and relocate all leading brands of phone systems; from small systems with only a few phones, to large multi site businesses.

Our product set ranges from digital and analogue, to voice IP technology. As an agent of a variety of carriers and suppliers we are able to implement a bespoke solution that meets your business needs at the lowest possible cost. Common applications include IP connections between geographically remote offices which can result in free calls from site to site, answering and directing calls for several offices from a single office or location, phone- computer integration, find-me / follow-me call forwarding, in addition to voice mail to email, and voice mail to text features.

PRS Telecom offer complete telephony services for businesses, covering:

  • Business phone systems
  • Inbound business calls
  • Integrated mobile solutions
  • Business VOIP
  • Business internet / fibre
  • Hosted PBX
  • SIP trunking
  • Conferencing
  • Landline sales
  • Business Landlines

    Landlines play a key part in the pricing of any business telephone solution.

    No two businesses are the same, so in order for us to provide the best possible call package to our customers, we have strong working relationships with all of the main network providers.

    We endeavour to find the most cost effective way for our customers to achieve their telephony goals.
    From leased lines for fibre and auxiliary lines for fax machines, to SIP trunks for VoIP users, we competently cover all aspects of line rental and call charges.

    Our wealth of industry knowledge provides us with the experience to talk you through every available business package on the market, allowing us to make your experience simple and stress free.

    We keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of the market place so you don’t have to.

    Inbound Business Calls

    The phone number that your business uses to promote itself can directly affect performance.

    With our Inbound Business Call solutions we can help you find the best style of number for you and your business. We have the ability to make your national business appear local, or your local business appear national. Whether you’re in Chester or Chesterfield – you can have a presence in the towns and cities of your choice. We’ll issue you with a STD Number for the geographical location your require, and then route those calls to any destination, worldwide! In addition to providing regional and national number prefixes to your business, we can also deliver:

  • 0800 – this is free to the dialler.
  • 0845/0844 – this is a fixed cost per minute, similar in cost to dialling locally during the business day, and between 3 and 5 pence per minute.
  • 0870 / 0871 –this is a fixed cost per minute, similar in cost to dialling long-distance during the day, and between 6 and 25 pence per minute.

  • All costs of dialling may be different from network to network or if calling from a mobile.

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