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The change in focus for many businesses to have their people Work from Home “WFH” has heralded a spike in the use of Microsoft Teams or Zoom .

MS Teams is now available to be integrated with your own Business Telephones.

Don’t panic! This doesn’t need to mean a carve up of what you have now. It’s about integration and we know all about how to do it and make it work best for you and your business.

Better than that … to date, all our clients that have moved to Teams have actually saved on current cash expenditure.


PRS Telecom are an award winning communications business who offer our clients ‘best of breed’ voice solutions from the world’s foremost manufacturers. No two client’s needs are the same, so we will appraise your needs individually, before offering a ‘tailored and unique’ solution for you.

The correct business system, can save many hours of wasted labour per week, can streamline and improve the way your clients are contacted, improve the way your business is perceived, utilise existing infrastructure and databases and truly reduce costs.

Your telecommunication platform, speaks volumes about ‘who you are’, how you do business, and more importantly, how valued your clients are to you. Integrating Teams in to your operation will revolutionise how you operate, save on efficiency costs and increase productivity.

Whether you are just a couple of people or a large multi-site operation with a fully operational contact centre, we can get your business where it needs to be!.


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Looking for an easy to use cloud-based telephony solution? PRS can help with out Cloud PBX solution. 

PRS iPBX can be set up in minutes, is easy to use and offers feature-rich network services that are scalable, cost effective and most important of all requires no capital outlay!

iPBX from PRS is an award-winning, fully featured Cloud PBX telephony platform. With a full suite of native features and a broad range of optional add-ons features, you have all you need for smart communications.

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Cloud PBX & Call Manager