5 Tricks You May Not Know Your iPhone Could Do

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5 Tricks You May Not Know Your iPhone Could Do

1: Play a YouTube Video Even When Your Screens Locked!

Although you can’t play a video from YouTube while on other apps you can play your favourite video when the screen is locked!

To do this all you need to do is start playing your chosen video on YouTube and then double-click the lock button. It couldn’t be any simpler

2: Spirit Level

The compass app is one many people don’t use, in fact, most people in the office had deleted it altogether! However, there is a little hidden extra built in to the app, namely a spirit level.

To access the spirit level simply open up the Compass app and swipe right, it may not be as accurate as a dedicated spirit level, but it is certainly a handy little tool to have.

3: Backspace on a Calculator

A lot of people use the in-built calculator iPhones come pre-installed with, however, it can be frustrating having to start all over again when you type in the wrong digit.

This hidden feature however means you won’t have to start all over again anymore. Just swipe to the left or the right at the top of the screen, where the digits are displayed. The motion acts as a backspace command and will remove the number you entered last.

4: Music stops with the timer

Everyone loves a bit of music, whether you listen to it on a run or while you’re cooking. Sometimes however you want your music to stop at a certain time without you having to manually doing it. In the Clock app, on the Timer options under the ‘When Time Ends’ tag, you can switch out the alarm option for a ‘Stop Playing’ tag. This will turn off your music, whether it’s through Apple Music or Spotify, when the timer hits zero.

5: Medical I.D

A feature that is widely known about but not widely used and very handy in an emergency. Even if you don’t use the Apple Health app, it’s worth filling out the Medical ID section. That’s because the details you enter here, like your allergies and contact information for your next of kin, will appear on the lock screen when someone taps the dialler’s Emergency link. So, if your phone gets lost or you get ill or injured, a helpful bystander can tap through to find a way to return it or be able to help you out with providing vital information to the emergency services.