Phone Preview: Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold looks set to be the most exciting and innovative phone of 2019, assuming it does beat the Huawei Mate X to market. Despite being recalled and the following 5 month delay it appears to have finally been confirmed for September.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is just the first of an inevitable avalanche of foldable smartphones to be released in 2019 and beyond, but the company’s bragging rights don’t just extend to timing, but to completeness. Like all new ground-breaking technological advances, the phone has some issues, the Galaxy Fold handles the transition from small to big screen very well, and where it can’t, it provides a pretty robust set of fallback experiences that shouldn’t upset the early adopter crowd too much.

You can’t argue that Samsung have taken this piece of technology lightly. This is a phone that’s been 10 years in the making and has gone through over 1,000 different prototypes.


About the Phone:

The phone combines a 4.6-inch Infinity Flex display on the outside with a massive 7.3-inch panel on the inside. Samsung is using software to make the transition of moving from the small display to the larger one as seamless as possible. Thanks to a feature called App Continuity, anything open on the exterior screen will immediately be shown when you open the device, for a bigger look.

The screen specs are impressive on paper, both utilising Samsung’s AMOLED display, however the 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display on the front (when the device is closed in ‘phone mode’) feeling a little small by today’s standards, when most phones have screens which are at least five inches in size.

It’s made to feel smaller thanks to the sizable bezels above and below, reminiscent of phones from around 10 years ago. It’s a trade-off that has to be made, as the tech has to fit somewhere, and the benefit of its smaller size is that it can be easily used one-handed.

Once opened you’re greeted by a 7.3-inch QXGA+ (QHD+) Dynamic AMOLED display that’s bright, clear, crisp and colourful. It also supports HDR10+, for an enhanced viewing experience with supported video.

People who enjoy taking photos will love the phone. The Fold has a combined six figure camera setup across the inside and outside and with 512 GB of storage built in there will be plenty of space to store everything.

The Fold comes with two batteries — one on each side of the hinge — totalling a huge 4380mAh, which is bigger than the S10+ but smaller than the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G. It is worth noting however that it is unclear how the Fold’s battery life will be affected by the all the folding, but it should last at least a day on a charge.

As with all of Samsung’s flagship phones the Fold comes with wireless charging, albeit with at a smaller capacity than the new S10 5G , and still comes with a captive fingerprint sensor.

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