What’s the real cost of a missed call?

Recent research carried out by BT Business showed that only 1 in 5 callers will try more than once if their call isn’t answered. With the average cost of a missed business call being estimated at £1,200.00 then shouldn’t we all be thinking about this a little more carefully?

The issue for a number of organisations is they don’t have a phone system capable of reporting these missed calls while also not having a way of ensuring as many calls as possible get answered.

Most inbound callers want to speak to somebody at that moment, not in an hours’ time when someone can answer the call. Although the opportunity for live chat or email is there many still favour calling in. Phone calls are still the most popular way of making sales enquiries.

What would happen if their call wasn’t answered or was sent to voicemail? Chances are a competitor will also receive that call and potentially spend their money elsewhere.

With traditional telephone lines being replaced with VoIP (internet-based telephony) by 2025, there’s a real opportunity for businesses to ensure they don’t continue to let potential sales slip through their fingers.

Most VoIP platforms will allow users to set up ring groups so that calls get passed around the organisation until they are answered. However, if there simply aren’t enough hands on deck to keep up with inbound calls during busy periods, callers will eventually hang up.

The deadline to move away from a digital or analogue system to an internet-based system is fast looming upon UK businesses. Whilst it might feel like yet another change that your business could do without having to make, the benefits of VoIP are vast. Why not look at the options now, rather than waiting until you are pushed into making a quick change.

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